What to expect

Obviously the professional relationship between us will depend on the specific services you require.

However, the following is a general idea of what to expect if we agree to work together in your business.

  • I will draft a formal engagement letter between us, detailing the services you want. the relevant fees, and the statutory requirements guiding us both.
  • You will set up the monthly standing order for the annual fee instalments.
  • I will register myself as your agent – including for your company, if applicable – at HMRC. This means I will be able to file your tax returns and liaise with HMRC regarding your tax situation.
  • I will provide you with a checklist of information I need to work on your accounts.
  • I will set up online access for all your taxes (as applicable) – Income Tax, Corporation Tax etc – at HMRC through either my or your Government Gateway.
  • I will set up email reminders at HMRC – and Companies House, if you have a limited company – so that essential filing and payment deadlines aren’t missed.
  • I’ll contact you regularly, as required, (i) to remind you of tax payments to be made (ii) to request your year end information (iii) to explain/clarify any HMRC correspondence you may receive (iv) to answer any other queries you have.

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